Natalie Oakley started out with a degree in Costume & Performance Design from The Arts University in Bournemouth. After graduating in 2013 she was trained up by a decorative finishes company to become a specialist painter for luxury interiors. .

It was in this company that Natalie learned her greatest skill; working amongst a team. She soon became assistant studio and site manager when the company was expanding.

Although being a specialist painter definitely suited her skillset, Natalie felt something was missing. Her experience in the costume industry and her love for theatre and film started the search for work as a Scenic Artist. So in the autumn of 2016 she became a freelance artist in pursuit of exploring all forms of large scale painting be it murals, street art, installations, shop displays and theatre sets.

Natalie is currently based near brighton where she works on private comissions from her home studio. She freelances as a scenic painter for theatre and film, also working on shop displays, installations, murals for residential and commercial projects.

"I love the variety of projects that come into the studio,

from restoring worn finishes on furniture to researching new methods

and creating whatever your imagination can conjure.

I use my knowledge of traditional art practices with a modern approach to acheive a refreshing outcome.

I enjoy working on solo projects or being part of a creative team

to produce specialist painted finishes in my studio and on site.

I thrive on my ability to colour match and mix paints to clients requests. Prior to the final piece I create physical samples as well as providing CAD designs of the finished work."


Edible Art: 912 doughnut mural for Google Christmas Party (11/12/19)

Assistant specialist painter to John Harragan Interiors (25/11/19 - 27/11/19)

Scenic Painter for TV: Red Dwarf (13/11/19 - 21/11/19)

Scenic Artist for Arc de Triumph replica (30/10/19 - 02/11/19)

Scenic Painter for TV: Back of the Net (22/07/19 - 30/07/19)

Assistant specialist painter to John Harragan Interiors (17 + 18/07/19)

Scenic Artist for Capital Scenery (4 + 5/07/19)

Scenic Painter for TV: Doctor Who (27/06/19- 02/07/19) & (05/08/19-27/09/19)

Edible Art: Dougnut mural for instaglam event (13/06/19)

Painted Wedding Cake (10/06/19)

Assistant specialist painter to John Harragan Interiors (05/06/19)

Scenic Artist for Capital Scenery (07/05/19 - 16/05/19)

Artist: Painted canvas backdrop for menswear photoshoot (03/05/19)

Painted Wedding Cake (02/05/19)

Artist for Hugo Dalton Mural at Schroders Bank (04/19 - 06/19)

Assistant specialist painter to John Harragan Interiors (24/04/19 - 26/04/19)

Scenic Artist for Capital Scenery (05/04/19 - 19/04/19)

Assistant specialist painter to John Harragan Interiors (30/03/19)

Hare & Humphreys specialist painter (11/03/19 - 19/03/19)

Comissioned Art work (10/03/19 - 28/03/19)

Assistant specialist painter to John Harragan Interiors (06/03/19)

Wedding Cake Painting (28/02/19 - 01/03/19)

Scenic Painting for Houdini's Extinct Escape Rooms in Southampton

(08/01/2019 - 12/01/2019)

7ft faux marble plinths for George Lewin Studios

(11 & 12/12/2018)

Set dressing and derig for Samsung Ice cave at Celtic Manor for Area 51


Painted shop front for Peaky Blinders themed pop up pie shop The Flat Cap, London 


Giant edible doughnut mural for Jimmy's Pop Up at Worldz, LA


Scenic Painting The Midnight Gang at Capital Scenery 

(17/09/2018 - 03/10/2018)

Scenic Painting for film Deus

(18/08/18 - 10/09/18)

Scenic Painter at Boomtown Copper County


Scenic Painting for Capital Scenery

(25/06/18 - 13/07/18)

Scenic Painting for The Royal Opera House:

The Age of Anxiety

Lessons in Love and Violence

Swan Lake

(23/02/2018 - 23/03/2018)


Scenic Artist at Scenic Projects in Norfolk

(25/09/2017 - 15/12/2017)

Paper Installation designed by Lyndon Ogbourne for Versus Versace fashion show


Paper Installations for Paper Pom Poms window displays for Pringle and Goat

(11/09/2017 - 14/09/2017)

Prop painting for Paul Wallis Paint Effects


Scenic Painting for Ted Baker fashion shoot at George Lewin Studio


Scenic Painting for La Bohéme at The Royal Opera House


Signwriting Assistant for Signs of Style (07/2017)

Pitch Stratford Pop Up Cinema for ZAP architecture (06/2017)

Shop Display for sneakersnstuff (02/2017)

Edible Mural Facebook xmas party (12/2016)

Edible Mural Playstation PS4 Launch Party (11/2016)

Mountains mural at The Lodge Clapham (10/2016)

Decorative Artist / Site Manager at Mathew Bray Decorative Arts and Furniture

(16/03/2016 – 14/11/2016)

Decorative Artist / Studio Manager at Mathew Bray Decorative Arts and Furniture

(16/09/2015 – 16/03/2016)


Decorative Artist Assistant at Mathew Bray Decorative Arts and Furniture

(22/09/2014 - 16/09/2015)

Scenic Painting Assistant for Oliver Jeffers Exhibition 

(08/09/2014 - 12/09/2014)


Hattie & Flora Event Styling Jamie Oliver's Big Feastival (27/08/2014 - 28/08/2014)


Dulux Academy Craft Marbling (March 2019)

Dulux Academy Craft Graining (Feb 2019)

James Rowse Cloth course (June 2018)

The Arts University at Bournemouth 

BA Costume with Performance Design (2013)

Brighton City College

Art Foundation (2010)

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